Fall Clinics to Consider

We just wanted to let you know about three amazing clinics that will be occurring in our region in the next few months. 

The first is an adult clinic series with Hilda Gurney in Nampa, ID Oct 4-5 “Harmonizing with your Horse”.

Hilda Gurney

Hilda Gurney is an FEI “I” Judge and large “R” Dressage Sport Horse Breeding judge, as well as a decorated competitor.  Hilda has had an enormous positive impact on US Dressage over the past several decades.  Her competition record is unsurpassed:  an Olympic Team bronze medal in 1976, an individual gold and silver, and three team gold medals at the Pan Am Games, 6 USET National Grand Prix Championships on the legendary Hall of Fame member, Keen.

Click on this link:  Hilda Gurney Clinic to learn more about this event and to find the link to contact Victoria Trout, who is the organizer, to learn how you can audit this event.

November 1-2 is the ODS Fall Festival.  This year Debbie McDonald and Janet Foy will be featured at the “Dressage is for every Horse Symposium”. 

Debbie McDonald

Janet Foy








Debbie McDonald is a USA Olympic Star and USA National Developing Dressage Coach, and Janet Foy is an Author, Trainer, Instructor, USEF S and FEI 4* Dressage Judge.

The event will be held at DevonWood Equestrian Centre in Sherwood, OR.  For more information please click on this link: ODS Fall Festival.

December 6-7, Donida Equestrian Center will be presenting “Dressage through the Levels of 2015″.  At this symposium the new USDF 2015 test movements Training Level through Grand Prix will be demonstrated and scored.  Additionally Scott Hassler and Janet Foy work with each horse/rider combination to correct the basics and move them up the levels. Janet and Scott will give examples and demonstrate training exercises to help the horses/riders achieve the correct basics and balance for their level. Both interacting with the audience for consistent question and answering periods.  For more information and to register as an auditor for this clinic please follow this link: Dressage through the Levels of 2015.

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Educational Grants now available from The Dressage Foundation

The Dressage Foundation has updated their list of educational grants.  The flyer that was recently released, and that summarizes the current grant opportunities, can be seen by clicking on the link that is given below:

2014 Educational Grants-TDF

You can also learn more by visiting www.dressagefoundation.org or by calling (402) 434-8585.  Please consider applying for one of these grants. 



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Annual Meeting and Silent Auction-October 26th


Our Annual Meeting will be Oct 26th at noon at Bob’s Burger in Yakima.  The address is as follows:

Bob's Burgers

121 N Fair Ave.   Yakima, WA 

This year the offices of treasurer and vice president are up for election. If you would like to run, or know someone who would, please contact Ann Hays at hoomag@charter.net.   We will also need someone to volunteer to take care of the awards for next year.  If you are interested please contact Ann as well.

Awards ready for presentation!

Awards ready for presentation!

To be eligible for the year-end awards please BE SURE to get your scores in to Heather at andalusian1@fairpoint.net.   There will be awards for Intro riders who have earned scores of > 50%, Training level on up for scores of >55%, award for Juniors, Tweens, and the Jack Benny category.  We will also have a High Point Award for Intro, Training, First, Second, Third, 4th, Prix St George, Intermediare, Grand Prix and Western Dressage.  Additionally please be thinking of who you would like to nominate for our special classes which include: Volunteer of the year, Velcro Seat, the Sportsmanship Award and the Crash and Burn Award.  We encourage everyone who entered a show this year to participate, so please send your scores to Heather so you don’t miss out on the fun!

Finally we need donations of items for the silent auction. We would appreciate that items be new or near new.  Please bring your items to the meeting, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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Sunday Sept 21st Schooling Show Cancelled

We are sorry to announce that due to a lack of entries our September 21st Schooling show had to be cancelled.   However we are already planning three Schooling Shows for next year, as well as three additional events.  Keep tuned to our website and Facebook page for information as it becomes available!

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Guide to Buying a new Blanket

Guide to buying a blanket

Winter is vastly approaching and many of us will soon need to replace old, or buy new, horse blankets.  One of our Board Members found this link that we thought you might find to be useful:  http://www.horse.com/horse-articles/horsecoms-guide-to-buying-a-blanket/9663/.

Also please check out our previous post that has a really good video illustrating “How to Fit Your Horse Blanket”:  http://centralwashingtondressage.org/856/how-to-fit-your-horse-blanket.  We hope you find this information to be helpful in keeping your equine friend comfortable and warm this winter!

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Meg Hays Clinic will now include a Tack Sale & Potluck

CWDS invites you to join us for the Try A Clinician – Meg Hays Clinic, Potluck and Tack Sale Saturday, September 6th at the Hixson’s Farm in Selah.  This is an opportunity for CWDS members to ride with an FEI competitor and trainer.  Meg can help you with your youngster or advanced horse. Her students have a wide range of skills and abilities and she is able to tailor her lessons to best meet the needs of the horse and rider. This is a great opportunity for you to bring out your young horse in a safe environment. It is not to late to join if you are interested. Send in your entry soon, please see the link below, as slots are filling quickly!

Meg Hays Sept Clinic 

We also wanted to let you know that ALL CWDS MEMBERS are invited to come and watch the lessons and share in our POTLUCK at noon.

Potluck Pic

Bring your favorite dish and visit with Meg during this time.

Also don’t miss the Tack Sale!

Horse Tack Cartoon

Do you have some tack that you no longer need – halters, bridles, saddles – you name it? For $5.00 per space, you can bring your items to sell.  Please contact Kim at 698-6778 for details – checks for the tack sale space are made payable to CWDS.  For those interested in participating the Tack Sale will run from 9am to 1pm. 

We hope to see you there!

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Dressage Clinic with Meg Hays – Sept. 6th

Megan Riding 1The Hixsons will be hosting a dressage clinic with Meg Hays on Saturday, Sept 6th.  If you ride an Arabian or Half Arabian, Meg has been to the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals and has won several Regional and National titles.  She has also shown her horses at open competitions.  She is willing to work with traditional dressage breeds as well as the non traditional breeds. This clinic is open to  CWDS members only and the lessons are $40.00 for 45 min.  To register please complete and submit the following form:

Meg Hays Sept Clinic

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Aug 3rd CWDS Schooling Show has been Rescheduled

Blue Schooling Show Logo

Please note that due to the extreme heat, the August 3rd CWDS “Fall Fun Schooling Show” has been rescheduled to Sunday September 21st.   Please contact Allison Enters at ak_race_mom@hotmail.com if  you have any questions.

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Trailer for Sale

For Sale:  Sundowner SunLite bumper pull two horse with dressing room/tack room, ramp, loading lights.  Includes easy lift hitch. Tack room includes two saddle racks, 6 bridle racks, blanket rack, 25 gallon bench style water caddy for water supply for your horse.  Used two seasons, new in 2005.  Price reduced $8750.00. This trailer is like new. Call Susi Rutherford @ 509-453-1005 or email, susiru43@gmail.com.

Suzy Trailer 1

Suzy Trailer 2

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“Let’s Talk about Financial Well Being” – The Dressage Foundation

Dressage Foundation Logo

“Let’s Talk About Financial Well Being”

By Beth Baumert/President & CEO of The Dressage Foundation 
This article is based on the talk given at the USDF/USEF Young Rider Graduate Program held in January 2014 in Wellington, Florida. Whereas TDF President, Beth Baumert wanted to talk about The Dressage Foundation grants available to young people, she couldn’t help but put herself in their shoes and think of what she wishes someone had told her when she was their age. Here is the substance of her talk on what happens to money–personal money and TDF money.


             Money moves. It’s the nature of money. If I give you $10, how long will you have it? You might buy groceries with it, or you might add it to other money so you can pay your rent. You might add it to funds with which you plan to buy a car some day. You might give it to someone who needs it more than you. It’s hard to make money stop moving. You earn it and then you spend it. (Notice the sequence. You don’t spend it and then earn it. You earn it first and then spend it.)

            People who are financially responsible “earmark” money that they earn. That is, they categorize expenditures into what you might call “buckets” of money. I like to call them buckets because it sounds like you have a lot of money even when you don’t at first.

  • One bucket of money is for your necessary, fixed expenses. That might include your rent, your groceries, your phone-internet bill, fuel for your car, insurance, taxes and other expenditures that you consider necessary.
  • One bucket of money is to save for something important. Maybe you know your car may only last two more years so you’re saving for the car you will need in the future.
  • For developing professional riders, a training program is another necessary expense. You need to put aside some funds for your training.
  • One bucket of money is to give away to a cause that you’re passionate about. The universe gives to those who give. I’m not sure how that works, but I’m old enough to know that it works. It’s a Law of the Universe. I’m not saying you should give to TDF (although that would be very nice), but you should give to some cause that’s greater than you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can’t give enough to make a difference because even if you start out by giving away $25 a year, that’s something. That means you have designated a bucket–even though it may be small–of money to give away for a cause that’s greater than yourself.
  • One bucket of money should be for you to save forever for your retirement. It seems ridiculous to think of that now, but later I will give you a very compelling reason to start now. My favorite quote about personal finances came from a young person who said, “If I’m financially fine right now, and I’m fine for the future, I figure I’m totally fine.” That means that from the very beginning, you save for your future; you pay yourself by starting to save when you’re very young. That’s especially important if you’re going to pursue a career that is financially challenging. Training horses definitely falls into that category, so I want to talk about saving for your future again later.

             Now I want to talk a little bit about The Dressage Foundation (TDF). TDF is, financially, like a bank. Donations come in from people who want to support the sport of dressage. Then TDF invests that money in several different ways:

  • TDF investment advisors invest the funds in the traditional way: In stocks of solid, respectable companies, in bonds and in CDs.
  • TDF awards prizes and grants to worthy recipients, and that’s an investment too. For example, when Catherine Chamberlain (AZ) was chosen for the International Dream Program (formerly called Olympic Dream) in 2012, TDF made a good investment because when Catherine came back, she spread the word about what she learned; she rode better and taught better than she would have if she hadn’t gone on that trip to Europe. As a bonus, Catherine has done fundraisers for TDF, and she has given back financially too!

Whereas TDF is, financially, like a bank, emotionally, it’s made up of a group of people like you who are passionate about dressage. We are a little army of donors that seek to “up the game” for riders at all levels. That is, we have grants for young riders, graduate young riders, adult amateurs, breeders, judges, instructors and high performance riders. We want to, bit by bit, change the game across the board.

            Now, I’ve already mentioned how easy it is to spend money. TDF is the same. It’s really fun to give money away, but those awards depend on donors–big donors and small donors. The big donors of TDF are like the generals, colonels and majors of our little army. They are directly responsible for the grants that TDF is able to award. Some of them are: Carol Lavell, her father Gordon Cadwgan, Maryal Barnett, Renee Isler, Ralph Dreitzler, Anne Ramsay, the Boomer family, Violet Hopkins and others. They are directly responsible for the grants that TDF awards–which was nearly $200,000 last year. These funds that are given as grants and awards are “restricted,” which means they can not be used to pay ordinary TDF operating expenses. Restricted funds are reserved for grant-giving.

            The smaller donors, who are the captains, lieutenants and foot soldiers in our little army are indispensable because they implement the ideas of our generals, colonels and majors. Some of them add to the restricted funds that are given as awards, but they also help pay for TDF’s operating expenses. Some of the major donors help with operating expenses too. Just as you, in your personal finances, have necessary expenses, the TDF office has printing, mailing, paying our extraordinary staff and professional advisors. The donors who help pay the expenses of operating TDF are extraordinarily important because, without them, we couldn’t survive.

            Now to get back to your personal expenses: Financial well being is within the reach of almost everyone, but it has to do with the buckets of money for saving and for giving away. The one for giving is from-your-heart generosity, and the one for saving comes from your head. Paying yourself is just smart.

            The US government has provided an avenue for you to become financially comfortable forever–that’s with a Roth IRA. An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account, and the key to its success is to start saving very early in life. If you don’t know what a Roth IRA is, learn about it online. I’m going to give you some examples. Currently, you are allowed to save $5500 per year in a Roth IRA, but even if can you only save $2500 per year, and you start when you’re 21, and the market does its average thing over the next 49 years, you’ll have over $1.5 million–tax free–when you’re 70 years old. If, however, you don’t start saving until you’re 30 years old, you’ll have about $1 million and if you’re 40 years old when you start, you’ll have $475,000, and if you’re 50 when you start, you’ll have about $125,000. Are you getting the idea? If you don’t know about Roth IRAs, learn about them online and start saving as early as possible. It will make you feel financially whole.

            And don’t forget about the bucket of money that you give away to a cause that’s greater than yourself. Generosity is always rewarded. It’s the personal quality that somehow magically bounces back to you. The Universe gives to those who give.

I wish you all great financial well being and, of course, success with your horses.

            Most important, to see how The Dressage Foundation can help you reach your dressage goals, check it out online at www.dressagefoundation.org!



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