Arthur Kottas Clinic: March 24-26 in Sauvie Island (Portland), OR

Arthur Kottas

Arthur Kottas was accepted as an Eleve in the Spanish Riding School of Vienna at the age of 16. He rose rapidly under the tutelage of Col. Podhajsky to become Bereiter and then Chief Rider, both in the shortest time in the school’s history. He was elevated to the post of First Chief Rider in 1995, and served until his retirement in 2003.  At the same time he operated his own training stable, coaching riders up to Olympic level. He is also a master of the use of in-hand work in the training of piaffe and passage. Due to his in-depth knowledge of classical dressage as well as his experience in the successful training of competition horses and riders, he is currently in huge demand world wide both as a clinician and as a lecturer. This is the only West Coast venue for clinics with Herr Kottas.

All breeds and levels are welcome. Both amateurs and professionals are encouraged. 

For more information about the clinic, please contact Lisa Scaglione.      (503) 504-2006

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