Dressage through the Levels – Dec 6-7 at Donida

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December 6-7, Donida Equestrian Center will be presenting “Dressage through the Levels of 2015″.  At this symposium the new USDF 2015 test movements Training Level through Grand Prix will be demonstrated and scored.  Additionally Scott Hassler and Janet Foy work with each horse/rider combination to correct the basics and move them up the levels. Janet and Scott will give examples and demonstrate training exercises to help the horses/riders achieve the correct basics and balance for their level. Both interacting with the audience for consistent question and answering periods.  For more information and to register as an auditor for this clinic please follow this link to the Donida website: Dressage through the Levels of 2015, or  you can also view their flyer which is below:

Dressage through the Levels of 2015 Flyer