CWDS April Schooling Show was Fun for Everyone!

CWDS April Schooling Show was Fun for Everyone!

There was a wonderful turnout of competitors and volunteers for our CWDS April Schooling Show, which was fun for everyone!  Individuals of all ages competed in a wide range of traditional Dressage classes including Intro to Second Level.  We also had competitors participate in Western Dressage and LeadLine classes.  

Here are some pictures from our Dressage Classes…

April Dressage Show Pic 1April Dressage Show Pic 2April Dressage Show Pic 3






Our Western Dressage Classes…

Western Dressage Rider Standing

Western Dressage Rider






Our girls and Moms who competed in the leadlining classes…

Ann Shaw LeadliningLeadline 2Leadline Winners






And our Horses in Waiting.

Horses at ShowDressage Waiting






Our Junior High Point Award was won by Emily Glover and Star, and our Adult High Point Award went to Cheryl Beaudry and Lyrica, owned by Judy Lewis…

April Show-Cheryl & Judy High Point

Results for the Show can be seen by following this Link:  

CWDS April Schooling Show Results

Our Judge Lucy Curley took the time to help coach the riders…

JudgeJudge helping Riders






Our volunteers Karen Lenberg, Judy Schott and Ann Hays helped tally scores…


Volunteers Ann






Our team consisting of Rae, Jerry, Tim, Mark, Diane, Megan, Judy,and Marli set-up the arena…

Arena Crew






We would like to offer special thanks to Lucy Curley for being our Judge and for assisting/coaching our competitors.  We would also like to offer special thanks to our CWDS VP Judy Schott  and Megan Hays who organized the show.  We greatly appreciate Jim and Ellen Roy who loaned us equipment, as well as Karen Lindhorst for gate keeping the whole time, Anne and Teresa for scribing, Karen Lenberg for scoring, and to Shannon, Ellen, Rae, Tess, Allison, Cindy, Barb, and Emily for helping to do whatever was needed.