Members do more than ride!

Deborah’s creativity: In addition to riding my horse, raising my daughter and teaching lessons I also enjoy the art of Lampworking (making glass beads with a torch).  Once the beads are made I like to photograph them for reference and also for people to look at when they are deciding what they would like for their Lampwork browbands.  Last night I was playing with pics of some of my beads that I make…….cropping out sections from the photo and then resizing it to see all the wondrous detail that dwells in these tiny artworks on a supersized canvas.  Some of them look like pictures taken by the hubble telescope!  I was struck by the of some of them I am using them as backgrounds for my computer!  I am hoping to get one REALLY outstanding pic (eventually) that I can show at the fair next year…….along with the bead that the photo came from.  Anyway……….enjoy!

I do some really beautiful organics (like the ones that these pics came from) with a glass that is loaded with silver and copper and has GREAT reactions.  There are some that get a beautiful metallic shimmer on the outside which also creates a mother-of-pearl effect when encased in clear glass.  I can combine some of the lovely, organic beads with some solid colored beads for a nice contrast.  Also there is a beautiful ivory that gets a really great webbing in it when superheated.  It makes a nice accent with the organics.  Also reacts quite well with the silver glass!  There are sooooo many possibilities!


One of the members recently ordered a cap and browband with matching bead sets.  I’ll be happy to help you with a selection for your horse, or yourself.  Let me know!  Debbie D

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