2016 Year-End Awards Presented

Hello, CWDS members. I would like to let you know that the 2016 year-end awards were presented at the annual meeting yesterday, which was held at Zesta Cucina in Yakima. If you were among the many people who were not present but who won prizes, never fear, there will be one more opportunity to pick up your spoils of the show year-there will be a Christmas Party at Marli’s house on Friday, December 16, and we will have the remaining prizes there and¬†available for pick up. There were also a number of people who did attend the year-end party who volunteered to collect the prizes for friends who were unable to attend.

Next year, I will plan to send out the final list ahead of time, so that if you won something you can either arrange pickup by someone else, or arrange to attend the annual meeting/year-end awards party. I had planned to do that this year, but the past few weeks have been extremely busy ones for me, and I also kept receiving scores up till almost the day before the annual party.

You do not need to report CWDS scores to me, just your top two scores from any non-CWDS shows you attended.

Please note, too, that I am not going to guess your age. ūüôā If you want to be included in the age-bracket awards, you need to tell me either your age or what bracket you’re in (yes, every year).

There were no nominations for the fun-awards brackets this year, so nothing was awarded for those. Those include: Crash and Burn, Velcro Seat, Volunteer of the Year, Sportsmanship, and Most Improved. There were also no reports of a Levels Pin being earned.¬†If you have questions¬†regarding the year-end awards,¬†see the posting on¬†this website’s¬†ribbon banner¬†near the top of the page¬†for details. If you’re still uncertain,¬†please send me an email and ask for help in understanding what you need to do (Heather: Andalusian1@fairpoint.net).

Finally, if anyone has any suggestions as to prizes, or a different way of doing things, feel free to let me know. The prizes are for you, the participating members, and my goal is to give you what you want. So, let me know if you would like for me to do something different pertaining to the year-end awards, and I will be happy to oblige if I can.

Please see the awards placings in .pdf files below, and congratulations to all the winners!

-Heather Seibert, CWDS Awards Chairperson