CWDS Equine Massage Clinic

Our April 30th CWDS Equine Massage Clinic was a great learning experience.  Ellen Roy was kind enough to volunteer her horse “Chance” for the demonstration by Liz Kelley, a Certified Equine Massage Therapist. Ms. Kelley taught us about pressure points and the associated muscle weaknesses that can be found in our horse’s bodies.  She then demonstrated how she looks for these pressure points when working with one of her equine patients. In particular, she demonstrated how she investigates the tissue along the horse’s spine and in their shoulder area for problems. Next she showed us how as a Therapist she addresses pain and injuries in the equine patients with her gentle touch.  She also demonstrated how her work helps to create balance in the horse’s musculoskeletal system.


In addition to demonstrating treating the equine patient, she also taught us simple practices that we could do to improve our horses’ health. One thing she recommended was the use of a curry brush with magnets to increase muscular circulation.  She also emphasized that we provide our horses with a nice cool down after each ride.  There were many other tips and tricks that she gave us to help us keep our equine partners feeling and performing their best.  

We would like to thank Liz Kelley for donating her time to help educate us about the benefits of Equine Massage. If you would like to contact her to work with your horse please click on this link for more information about her practice and how to set up an appointment for your horse.


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