Equestrian pilates for dressage

I love my early morning coffee and my computer!  I set in the overstuffed chair and read favorite blogs and search for new ones that appeal to my horsey interests. Sometimes these searches are due to a “challenge” I may be experiencing, or a comment someone made as we discuss a lesson or technique.  Recently I’ve become interested in the process of giving full my full attention to the horse, becoming so in-tuned with the horse that I leave all other issues and stress at the gate, some call it developing a “feel”.  So I was quite pleased when I happened upon Elizabeth Hanson’s newsletters for her Equestrian Pilates.  In this article she shares four skills used to maximize the riding experience and become a team member with your horse.  The insight provided is just what I needed.  Perhaps you too will enjoy her writings and read more of her work at her site equestrianpilates.com, an enjoyable way to begin the morning!

~ Ginny Erion

Click through on the link below to access this report!