Each year our club offers the following awards at our annual meeting to encourage our members and highlight their efforts as they develop themselves through the levels of Dressage.  To be considered for the Performance or Show Series Awards, simply keep track of your scores throughout the year. Right before the annual meeting we will send out an e-mail asking for a full report of your scores for the season, as well as your nominations for the Specialty Awards.  Please see our 2015 winners by following this link:



2017 Year End Show Placings


Specialty Awards- voted on by membership:

1)  Volunteer of the Year Award– to recognize a club member who has gone above and beyond to help the club events run smoothly.

2)  Velcro Seat Award– staying with the horse in times of trouble.

3)  Most Improved Award– recognized improvement!

4)  Sportsmanship Award– reaching out to others, helping them to succeed.

5)  Crash and Burn Award– someone who became separated from their horse and lived to tell the story!

Performance Awards:

1)  Intro Test Certificate– awarded to members who receive an average score on two tests above 50% at Intro level for the first time.

2)  Levels Pin– awarded to members who receive a score of 55% or higher at any particular level for the first time.

      ***Awards may be earned in more than one level per year.

Show Series Awards:

1)  One award is given at each level for the member who achieved the highest percentage score, based on an average of two scores, at that level for the year.

2)  To qualify you must be a current CWDS member and report at least one CWDS schooling show score. This year, since we cancelled our third schooling show due to a conflict with the dates of Mike Osinski’s clinic in August, CWDS members may show at and count scores obtained at the Western Dressage show at Elk Haven on September 19th for year-end awards.

3)  Points are earned at any recognized USDF/USEF or schooling show, for each unique horse/rider combination that competed at a particular level.

Awards by Division:

Awards will be given in the following divisions:

1) Age Bracket:

  • Junior – (up to innocent 18 years)
  • Tweens- (18-38 years)
  • Jack Benny- (39-49 great years)
  • Royalty and still riding- (50 wonderful years and above)

2)  Competitive Level:

  • Intro
  • Training
  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth
  • FEI
  • Freestyle
  • Alternate (Which encompasses western, gaited, prix Caprilli, pony club and eventing tests)