Horse Health Tips

CWDS Equine Massage Clinic

Our April 30th CWDS Equine Massage Clinic was a great learning experience.  Ellen Roy was kind enough to volunteer her horse “Chance” for the demonstration by Liz Kelley, a Certified Equine Massage Therapist. Ms. Kelley taught us about pressure points and the associated muscle weaknesses that can be found in our horse’s bodies.  She then… Read more

Guide to Buying a new Blanket

Winter is vastly approaching and many of us will soon need to replace old, or buy new, horse blankets.  One of our Board Members found this link that we thought you might find to be useful: Also please check out our previous post that has a really good video illustrating “How to Fit Your Horse… Read more

How Do I Know if My Horse Has Gastric Ulcers?

Found this informative article on Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital web site: Research studies estimate that 60% to 90% of performance horses have gastric (stomach) ulcers. What signs might they exhibit? Horses with gastric ulcers can present in a variety of ways: weight loss/hard keeper, poor hair coat, bad behavior, poor performance, low-grade colic, diarrhea, poor appetite.… Read more

It’s that time of year… Vaccinations!

I like to review the yearly core vaccinations I give to the herd and consider each pony’s needs, the yearling will get the boosters, the broodmare needs proper timing, and the others get the standard mix…It all goes into my record book.  But first, what is it I need? Vaccination Guidelines

Equine First Aid Kits

What is this…? Care to know what I found in my vet kit that is stored in the barn? Let’s just say that after dragging the kit from the barn…it looked as if something had slept in it, possibly died there, or left behind the remains of a dinner! I always start the year with… Read more