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Jim DiMilte

Dressage Instructor

Unicorn DressageWebsite: http://www.unicorndressage.com

Jim DiMilte is a certified riding instructor who has ridden with many of the
most respected names in the dressage world. While being certified by the Morven
Park International Equestrian Institute in 1971, Jim studied with Major Joseph
Lynch, the 1968 US Olympic Team coach, and Jimmy Wofford, one of that team’s

Since that time Jim has pursued excellence in dressage, studying
with Hans Möeller and Hans Handler of the Spanish Riding School, Charles
DeKunffy, Hilda Guerney, Dominique Barbier, Natalie Lamping, Tom Poulin, Michael
Handler, Lilo Fore, Sonja Vracko and many other respected and accomplished
clinicians. Jim has also had the opportunity to attend clinics where he learned
from Reiner Klimke, Robert Dover, Christine Stüeckelberger and Gustav Nableaus,
former president of the FEI dressage committee. These experiences amount to a
terrific repertoire of learning from some of the world’s greatest dressage

Jim offers lessons on a regular basis at Elk Haven Equestrian Center.  Please contact Ginni Erion at (509) 899-3268 to schedule with him.