Mike Osinski

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Central Washington Dressage Society is proud to bring WorldClass Trainer, Mike Osinski, to Yakima several times each year for clinics that are open only to CWDS members. Mike’s riding skill grew out of his unique combinations of experiences in the horse world. He grew up in Michigan riding jumpers and was a keen observer of many riding disciplines. These early experiences gave Mike an appreciation of good riding, regardless of the particular riding disciplines or breed of horse. His personal quest for better riding led him to dressage. Mike immersed himself in dressage training working with Maryal Barnett, then in California he worked as an assistant to Hilda Gurney.  Additionally he has studied with Steffan Peters, Carol Lavell, and Paul Belasik.

Mike has also expanded his activities to include teaching clinics, judging and a breeding program in addition to his own competition riding. He has been a dressage judge since 1984 and today is a USEF “S” rated judge. In 2013 Mike became the first FEI 4* (Four Star) Judge in the Northwest putting him on a path to judge international FEI dressage competitions.

Mike has a unique ability to communicate with his students at any level of ridiMike Riding Brio-225ng. He has tremendous empathy for the horse and rider. Mike is one of the few clinicians today who is both a truly gifted communicator and rider. He studies “classical dressage” and is a currently active competitor as well as a trained and active judge. This gives him a perspective few other teachers can offer. It is not uncommon for Mike to ride a student’s horse during a lesson to demonstrate a riding concept. Mike has a unique ability to help students visualize a riding concept by helping them find their own words to describe the feel of a particular movement.

Anyone interested in riding in one of Mike’s clinics can do so by becoming a CWDS Member and contacting Mary Neal at dressagesec@aol.com


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