We are always happy to have members who are willing to volunteer and support our events.  Jobs that we are in need of help with are given below.  Please Contact Us if you are interested in helping out!

Show Committee Chair:

  1. Proposes number of shows
  2. Sets Budget
  3. Can be manager
  4. Arranges for arena venue and judges
  5. Arranges for arena to be delivered from storage

Show Manager:

  1. Arrives in sufficient time to set up scoring and award table
  2. Organizes set up and take down of arena.
  3. Organizes volunteers
  4. Arranges for judge snacks, water, cooler, ice, judges lunch.
  5. Makes sure all financial forms and results are completed within 2 weeks.
  6. Sets up judges box.
  7. Makes sure volunteers have their job descriptions and times of duty.

Show Secretary:

  1. Provides address for entries.
  2. Collects money and fills in records to make sure # of entries=# of fees paid.
  3. Makes schedule
  4. Informs manager of start and end time of show.
  5. Organizes tests in order of go
  6. Fills in financial form.
  7. Sets up numbers and packets for riders.


  1. Get to show 15 min before show to make sure judge’s snacks and tests are in order, etc.
  2. Make sure judge has bell or whistle.
  3. Make sure have red and blue pens.
  4. Know how to scribe
  5. 2nd shift scribe make sure to be there in time to change during a break.


  1. Get to show before it starts if you are the 1st one to score.
  2. Make sure to have ribbons organized, calculators working with paper tape.
  3. if no runner pick up tests.
  4. Add scores and place tests in order.
  5. Set out ribbons in order.
  6. If you are scheluded as the second scorer get there 15 minutes before your shift to enable a smooth transition.


  1. Be at show at start.
  2. Pick up tests from judges booth every 3rd test.
  3. Check snacks and water for scribe and judge.

Paddock Manager:

  1. Make sure all riders have helmets and boots.
  2. Caution all riders to go slowly in and out of warm up arena.